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This program was designed in collaboration with Carl Hoogvliet.


Short videos are currently the fastest way to bring something to the attention of your organisation or network. In fact, a video is shared 12x more than just text with an image. 

People have a short attention span. That's why newsletters distributed by

e-mail or Intranet are often not read properly. And thats's a shame, because communication is key. As a company, you want to have all employees on the same page, right? Next to that, you also want to have an attractive appearance to the outside. The use of video can help enormously, if you do it right ...!


The following four aspects are important for an attractive video: length (short!), dynamics, recognisability and authenticity. Of course a video must also be edited. In addition, subtitles are also important. In this program you will discover why and how.



This program focuses on the basics of shooting, editing and subtitling business inspiration videos. Not only dynamics, recognisability and authenticity are central, but also the technical side. Participants therefore get a good start in editing and subtitling themselves.

The program consists of 2 days. In consultation with the client, we determine how much time is between the sessions. The precise content of the training is also tailored to the objectives of the participants.


  • Day 1

    • Spotlight

    • Authenticity and dynamics in your videos

    • Storytelling

    • Vlogging

    • The tricks of editing

    • Practice!

  • Day 2

    • Watching the 'homework' videos

    • The tricks of subtitling

    • Creating a video concept

    • Making a script

    • Extra tips & tricks to make your videos look more professional



Participants who have followed this training:

  • Know the importance and power of video

  • Have stepped over the threshold to record and see themselves on video

  • Know how to bring dynamism to their videos

  • Have practiced with the vlogging style

  • Are themselves in front of the camera

  • Know the basics of editing and subtitling

  • Often start makings videos right after the program ended (!)


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