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Being able to act and communicate in a professional manner: for most people it's a daily challenge. You're taking yourself with you to work. Especially on stressful moments it's a challenge to stay balanced, nuanced and self assured, for example when you're giving feedback. Or when you're the host of a meeting with a negative atmosphere. How to handle this in a mature way?


In this program, the participants will work on communicating in a mature and professional manner. Think of subjects as giving feedback, persuasiveness and how to handle resistant participants. The program also contains several tips & tricks about group dynamics.


The program consists of 5 sessions of half a day each. In consultation with the client, we determine how much time is between the sessions. The precise content of the training is also tailored to the objectives of the participants.

  • Start moment measuring individual/organisational objectives

  • Individual intake interviews

  • Day 1: Mature communication

    • Ego positions: parent/adult/child

    • Communicating on a mature level

    • Practice

  • Day 2: Giving and receiving feedback
    • Courage over comfort (Brené Brown)

    • The 3 I's

    • Receiving feedback: the growth mindset

    • Practice

  • Day 3: Group dynamics
    • Leading groups in a professional manner

    • The power of the group

    • How to handle resistant participants

    • Practice

  • Day 4: Influence and persuasion
    • Influencing styles

    • The four colors of DISC

    • Persuasion

    • Practice

  • Day 5: Intervision

    • Intervision

    • A look into the future!

  • Final moment measuring individual/organisational objectives



Participants who have followed this program:

  • Are able to communicate in a mature way with the people around them

  • See others as autonomous, and because of that they find giving feedback easier than they did before

  • Have the tools to make receiving feedback easier as well

  • Have insights in dynamic processes and know how to use them

  • Know how to use the power of the group

  • Know how to influence other people effectively

  • Are able to recognise several behavioural styles and know how to use them

  • Have worked on their own way of persuasing 

  • Know how to communicate in a professional way! 

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