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If you want to lead well, you must be able to focus several areas at the same time, including achieving results and keeping your team happy. This also includes motivating, delegating, coaching and giving feedback. And then there is the organisation in which you operate. How do you present your plans in a convincing way, and what should you do to influence your stakeholders positively?

Having a leading role: it's a complex task. And not everyone has been given a well-founded basis for this. This program offers many insights, tools, examples and practice and is often experienced as meaningful, warm and educational.



This program is characterised by depth, insight and practical work. The participants gain more insights into who they are, what they stand for and what they have to learn as a leader. The program is offered in small pieces, so that the theory can be put into practice immediately after each meeting.


The program consists of 6 days. In consultation with the client, we determine how much time is between the sessions.


  • Start moment measuring individual/organisational objectives

  • Individual intake interviews

  • Day 1: Personal leadership

  • Day 2: A successful team

  • Day 3: Intervision

  • Day 4: Communicating with your team

  • Between day 4 and 5: individual coaching sessions

  • Day 5: Influencing and stakeholder management

  • Day 6: Intervision and integration

  • Final moment measuring individual/organisational objectives



Participants who followed this training:

  • Know who they are and what they stand for

  • Know what a successful team is and how they can contribute to it

  • Get employees on board by inspiring and motivating them

  • Are able to give feedback and know how to coach their employees

  • Have the knowhow to focus on the growth of their employees

  • Know how to create and maintain a clear corporate culture

  • Have practiced with multiple cases

  • Have learned from other leaders

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