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The world has changed since March 2020. Suddenly our house has become our office and we see our family and friends less than we were used to before. Big or small; COVID-19 affects us all. Many of us feel COVID-19 tired, are done with waiting and in need of something positive. That's exactly what this program is for! Three themes are centred: inspiration, positivity and keeping the connection with each other.


Design of the COVID-19 Inspiration program

  • 8 online inspiration sessions of 2 hours per session

  • Every two weeks or every month

  • Participation is possible for a maximum of 100 participants (more in consultation)

  • The sessions vary from games, workshops to talks and preferably take place in Zoom or Teams with simultaneous meetings as breakouts



  • Session 1: You're not my mother! Professional communication
    Insights and tools for patterns in your relationship(s) based on your internal roles parent, adult and child. From what role you communicate most? How are you most powerful?

  • Session 2: Culture
    Creating, strengthening or changing corporate culture. What are the characteristics of a strong community and how can you influence your corporate culture?

  • Session 3: Smart habits
    This session is about balance and setting small goals. Which apples are in your tree of life? Set small goals using the smart habits method.

  • Session 4: Creativity
    Tips, tricks and methods to make online meetings more fun and effective. Think of energisers, brain teasers, online brainstorming and online speed dating.

  • Session 5: Feedback
    Giving and receiving feedback based on courage, maturity and growth. A session about mindset, practical cases and 3 steps that make giving feedback easier.

  • Session 6: Business videos
    This session ia about the power of business videos. What is vlogging, how do you bring authenticity and dynamism to your video and how does editing and subtitling work?

  • Session 7: Remote Team building
    Small teams compete against each other by solving riddles. Collaboration is key! After the game, there's a reflection on the process.

  • Session 8: DISC Behavioural Styles
    Behavioural styles session full of recognition. Why do you have a good connection with some people, while with others, you don't? How do you connect best? Discover and practice!


Participants who have followed this program:

  • Feel inspired and motivated during and after the program

  • Feel more connected to themselves and each other

  • Are cured from the corona blues



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