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A good (online) training is dynamic, inspiring and useful. In addition, the learning process must be didactically correct and it must fit to the needs of the participants. As a trainer, you also need the right teaching materials and methods. On top of that, nowadays you also have to be able to facilitate both face-to-face and virtually.

Our programs are suitable for people who teach and spread knowledge regularly, but still need support in keeping the energy high, creating interaction and building programs. Many people do know how to give a presentation, but need tips & tricks to create both fun and learning efficiency.

With this program, you will experience an acceleration in your learning process as a trainer or facilitator and you will quickly be able to do this independently and confidently.

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Several factors are important for a well-functioning team. Consider for example having a common goal and a clear agreement on roles and tasks.

We also look at what happens in the upper and lower stream. What does each team member bring and how does this affect mutual relationships? What history of the team or organisation may still play a role? How is the manager serving the team and with which leadership style? We support teams and organisations in re-establishing the connection with each other.

In addition to our team programs, team building is also a powerful way to create more unity in a team. A team building day is also a good representation of how cooperation takes place in practice. That's why we also make an in-depth look within the team during our team building sessions.



Being able to act and communicate in a professional manner: for most people it's a daily challenge. You're taking yourself with you to work. Especially on stressful moments it's a challenge to stay balanced, nuanced and self assured, for example when you're giving feedback. Or when you're the host of a meeting with a negative atmosphere. How to handle this in a mature way?

In this program, the participants will work on communicating in a mature and professional manner. Think of subjects as giving feedback, persuasiveness and how to handle resistant participants. The program also contains several tips & tricks about group dynamics.

Kinderen ' s voetbaltrainer


Many organisations choose to assign employees to a coach, mentor or buddy from a higher job group. Such a colleague often knows exactly how things work, but often still needs support when it comes to coaching.

Coaching conversations are often too much focused on the content instead of the development of the coachee. There is often too little questioning and our internal 'advice monster' quickly comes into play. And that's a shame, because people learn more when they come to insights theirselves.

This program provides a solid foundation. Participants experience an acceleration in their learning process as a coach or mentor and are quickly able to do this independently and confidently.

Video Personality


People have a short attention span. That's why newsletters distributed by e-mail or Intranet are often not read properly. And thats's a shame, because communication is key. As a company, you want to have all employees on the same page, right?

Short videos are currently the fastest way to bring something to the attention of your organisation or network. In fact, a video is shared 12x more than just text with an image.

The following four things are important for an attractive video: length (short!), dynamics, recognisability and authenticity. Of course a video must also be edited, and in addition, subtitles are also important.


In this program you will discover what video can do for you in your business, you will learn how to make an attractive video and and you will practice editing and subtitling.



As a leader, a lot is being asked of you: taking the lead, achieving results, giving direction, letting things go, delegating tasks and stimulating your employees in their development. Not easy!


In addition, leadership is changing. Where management used to be more hierarchical, relationships with employees are now becoming more equal. Creating and maintaining a clear corporate culture has also become more important. And on top of that, there are often also stakeholders you have to influence.


How do you do all this? This program offers many insights, depth, tools and practical examples with reflective intervision moments scheduled in between the sessions.



This program is specially designed for starters in the job market.


A lot is new in a first job. Many starters already have some practical experience, but still miss experience and knowhow. The support they get is often content-oriented.


In this program, the participants are given many tools and mainly work in a practical manner. For example, how do you ensure that you present your ideas in a professional manner? How do you give feedback? How do you set boundaries in a professional way? And what does organisational sensitivity mean?


This program provides the support any starter needs.




Many people have the COVID-19 blues. Suddenly we work from home, we see our co-workers online and our social life has changed. On top of that, a moment for ourselves has also become more difficult now that you have your partner, children or roommates around you all the time.


On the contrary, many people feel lonely. We do not go out as much as we were used to and if you live alone, you see less people than you did before.

Others have lost their jobs or see their businesses go up in smoke. Corona affects us all, and that's tough.


In these turbulent times, many people are ready for something positive. Something inspiring. Something else. And that is exactly what this program is!

Three themes are central: inspiration, positivity and connection gathered in 8 different workshops, games and talks. A program full of fun and insights that still will be discussed at the kitchen table.



In addition to the programs on our website, we also provide other business training programs. Intervision, customer centricity, creativity, brainstorming techniques, presenting and working with behavioral styles are examples of this. We also develop custom made programs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss which program best suits the needs of your organisation.

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