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This program was designed in collaboration with Carl Hoogvliet.


A first job is very exciting for many people. Many starters have some practical experience already, but lack the know-how you acquire along the way. Matters such as professional communication, time management and organisational sensitivity are often areas in which starters still have a lot to learn.


In addition, in most companies support their starters more content oriented. Employee soft skills and personal development are often on the second place.

This program offers tools to support starters during their first year on the job market. For example, how do you ensure you convey your enthusiastic ideas in a professional manner? How do you give feedback? How do you set boundaries in a professional way? And how do you organise your work as well as possible?



This program is characterised by depth, insights and practical work. We work with the participants on a variety of skills they need in a professional organisation. In addition to skills, there is also a strong focus on mindset and personal development.


The training days are divided over a periode of time, so that the theory can be put into practice immediately after each session.


The program consists of 6 days with intervision moments between the days. In consultation with the client, we determine how much time there is between the sessions, and whether we offer the process physically or online.


  • Start moment measuring individual/organisational objectives

  • Day 1: Kick-off

  • Intervision

  • Day 2: Professional Communication

  • Intervision

  • Day 3: Presenting and pitching

  • Intervision

  • Day 4: Communicating with your team

  • Intervision

  • Day 5: Time management

  • intervision

  • Day 6: Integration

  • Final moment measuring individual/organisational objectives



Participants who followed in this program:

  • Are able to adopt a mature attitude in a professional organisation

  • Know what their life themes are and how they influence their daily actions

  • Are able to have professional conversations based on equality

  • Are able to present and pitch successfully

  • Know how to give & receive feedback in a professional way

  • Are able to organise their work properly

  • Have practiced with multiple practical situations

  • Have learned from other starters



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