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ATD 2019

On May 18, 2019, the time had come: the ATD in Washington. ATD stands for Association for Talent Development, and is also seen as the largest Learning & Development conference in the world. Every year the ATD takes place in a (different) American city. And this year I was there for the first time! And it was great! The trend was on topics such as psychological safety, behavioral change and touching your audience with emotion.

As can be seen in the video, I attended several sessions. Here is a selection from the topics:

- Storytelling

- Security, trust and bias

- Gamification in learning programs

- Oprah Winfrey: Wholeness, Pure Intentions and Leadership

- The power of habits

- Team coaching based on Improvisation

- Coaching: the four essential questions

Knowing more? Ask me about it! Because I have worked out each session in detail, with the aim of integrating the material into existing and new training courses. The ATD was a huge enrichment for me!

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