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We are Flamingo Training & Coaching: a fresh collaboration partner for leadership and communication programs in business.

Flamingos always stand on one leg. This way they do not lose too much heat to the cool water. And when they sink into the mud, they switch legs. Flamingos actually sink continuously and rise again. That way they always get back in balance. A nice metaphor for growth!

  We help with team, leadership and talent development, but also with specific skills such as professional interviewing, presentation and assertiveness. Our programs are characterized by fun, depth and practical work. For the participants, this means that we make learning fun. In our training courses we vary a lot in working methods. At the same time, we also look for depth, so that the participants come into closer contact with themselves and each other. And of course, learning also means stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then. We help with that.

Find your balance! For teams, organizations and individuals.

Het maken van aantekeningen

Train the trainer 

Train the trainer power session and advanced


Leadership programs and individual coaching

Professional communication

Giving feedback, group dynamics and influencing skills


Traineeships for starters in the job market

In the intake Alies wanted to analyse the question in detail. She took her time and the result was two great team days where we worked with many different methods to gain more insight into our team. It brought us a lot. Besides being an excellent coach, Alies is also just a fantastic warm human being.  


In short, I  think the training was positive, educational, interactive and enjoyable. I look back positively on this training, especially because of the practical application in combination with the assignments.


Alies is an example for many L&D professionals. She has guts, dares to be vulnerable, has an enormous drive and is always involved in her own development. I wish our field of work many personalities like Alies.


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